BeaSawmill Magazine- the internet’s favorite home improvement magazine. Home repairs, decor and improvement are all terms that can incite panic in home owners. Even a small repair can cause a big drain on your pocket, take up a lot of time and leave you with some stress. With Sawmill Magazine, home repairs become fun and inexpensive. Our magazine seeks to help home makers keep their houses in great shape by covering all possible aspects of home maintenance. Starting from decorating your rooms, to repairing broken fixtures and doing complete overhauls, we cover a wide variety of home maintenance topics. We have some great tips for beginners that allow them to conduct some major tasks around the house without any stress. For DIY enthusiasts we have a bunch of DIY suggestions- not only will your house instantly look better, but you will feel great too once you accomplish a fun DIY task. The compliments you receive when your house is done, the smile on your family’s face and the great feeling that you get, all of these things make home improvement worth it for you. And for us, your happiness is foremost.

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